About Us

Mazza has been making authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine
in Salt Lake City for more than 10 years.

~ We at Mazza believe ~

that excellence in cuisine can only be achieved by using the highest quality and freshest ingredients available, with no corners cut in the process.

We proudly serve All-Natural (no hormones, no antibiotics, all vegetarian fed) lamb, beef and chicken. We use Utah’s own Morgan Valley Lamb, Niman Ranch beef and the highest-quality chicken.

We procure only the highest grade vegetables we can find and the best imported condiments and freshest spices available to us.

Your meal has been prepared by professionals who take pride in their craft and experience. To us you are, as a customer, entitled to the best dining experience every time you come through our doors.

Please let us know if we’re living up to your expectations.

That is always a sign of a caring friend of Mazza.

Dining at Mazza